Dollar crashes to 184 naira to 1 dollar_ Google confirms.

Dollar suddenly crashes to 184 naira


The sudden crash in the exchange rate from #361 per dollar to #184 per dollar, which occoured at about 4:30pm and maintained thisrate for only a short period, as Google confirms the change.

This change mean business for forex traders, Google in a message confirmed that it was a technical issue as they moved in to actions to rectify it.

The sudden change would cause mixed reactions from Nigerians as this happened just few hours to the country’s presidential election, could it be a trick by the ruling APC to gain more support from Nigerians or an actual boost to the economic growth of the nation?

It could also be the best timing for international marketers and traders and best buying time for currency traders.

AIFPU NEWS advices that Nigerians remain calm as we will bring you latest informations as regarding the exchange rate and we advice the general public to maintain peace and order as the nation head into the general elections.


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