The UEFA champions league 2019 edition was one of the most dramatic of champions league competitions. There were several surprise comebacks. Liverpool FC also had their own fair share of the drama.


About a fortnight ago, football fans all over the world anticipated to bid farewell to  the Kops after their heavy defeat at camp you and in fact even their optimistic coach Jurgen Klopp new that the odds were highly against them.


For a Barcelona team who have been doing so well both domestically and In the champions league, it was expected to be a walk in the park thus making any hope of Liverpool repeating their 2018 feat if reaching the finals an impossible mission.


To the amazement if the football world, Liverpool pulled off an unprecedented stunt to shock Barcelona out of the competition and immediately, th mission looked possible. They onky had Tottenham standing between them and a trophy they had not won four the past fourteen years.


Liverpool were unusually calm and out of sorts inghei night while tottTotte kept pressing. The tables turned after Salah dispatched a penalty awarded in somewhat controversial manner then Original who has become a big game sensation added gloss to the scoreline.


For about 50,000 Liverpudians who travelled from various parts of the world just to watch their team win, it was MISSION ACCOMPLISHED.


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