“We won’t rate governor Umahi’s first tenure 100%”_Ebonyi Good Governance.


A socio political group in ebonyi state under the umbrella of Ebonyi Good Governance has admonished that the first tenure of the executive governor of the state and chairman PDP governor’s forum Governor David Umahi cannot be rated 100% and at the same time can’t be rated below 50%.
In a message posted on their social media page, the group demonstrated how the governor performed excellently well in some areas and porrly in other areas. They said;

“He did well in some areas like the infrastures and failed in some areas like Human capital development” they went on to explain.

“His success and failure shouldn’t just be heaped on him alone. His appointees, influential Ebonyians and the masses have some shares”.

They went on to advise every member of the state to Join hands in moving the state forward, “As we congratulate and wish him a good second tenure, every Ebonyian should join hands in developing our state; by encouraging him when he does the right thing and speaking up against his wrong decisions and actions.”


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